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Our Products

With nearly three decades of manufacturing experience, we have continuously introduced new and better products like Carpenter Tools, Wood Working Tools, etc with wider applications. We are manufacturing and exporting following products that are well reputed for their quality, and durability:

  • Hand Tools
  • Industrial Hand Tools
  • Brick Bolsters
  • Carpenter Tools
  • Wood Working Tools
  • Chisels, Claw Hammers
  • Combination Pliers
  • Long Nose Pliers
  • Steel Spanners
  • Striking Tools
  • Vices
  • Wrecking Bars, etc.

Quality Control:

Manco Tools (India) adheres to strict quality control measures is all its activities. We procure the best quality raw material from authentic manufacturers only. We also have a sophisticated quality control lab where all the manufactured products like Carpenter Tools, Wood Working Tools, etc are tested to verify for their durability, strength, corrosion resistance, etc. The manufacturing process is also closely examined by our well qualified Quality Control Staff.

After certifying the products, they are stored in our sophisticated warehouse which is systematically maintained with all the products stored in various sections. We use the best packaging material for the tools. The finished products are packed in different cases like window box, tie on cards, color boxes etc both as a single tools or as a set of tools catering to various requirements of the clients. This also ensures that our products like Carpenter Tools, Wood Working Tools, etc are of highest quality, even when they are delivered to our customers.

State-of-the-art in-house Laboratory is set up to streamline the Quality Process and to offer on-line test output as manufacturing continues for tests including Material, Hardness, Torque and Crack detection.

The laboratory is highly sophisticated straddling following Machines….only to name some

  • Abrasive Cuter for producing test piece -- Machines for creating Test Pieces
  • Chemical Laboratory – Testing chemical composition of products
  • Digital Hardness Tester -- For assuring desired surface hardness
  • Magnetic Crack Dectector -- For figuring out fine and minute cracks and flaws
  • Plating Thickness Tester – Testing thickness of Chrome Plating
  • Salt Spray Machine -- Checking the Quality standard of Chrome Plating
  • Torque Testing Machine (Computerised) -- For checking torque load capacity of Spanners

The Quality-Test program is developed to check and validate the manufacturing quality at each strategic stage of the process i.e. quality program spans from the test of Raw material to final products.

The Quality Testing systems are elaborated below :

  • Blanking - The Quality standard of blanks is analyzed in conformity
  • Broaching – Post broaching, every spaner is testes for jaw accuracy
  • Electro Plating - Final test is carried out subsequent to Electroplating Stage. This ios the final and all-inclusive inspection is manually performed.
  • Forging – The forging die is analyzed in order to ensure better forging output
  • Gauging – Every product is tested in agreement with operational fitment of Gauges.
  • Heat Treatment – Heat treatment of othe product is checked in order to get the correct Internal Structural Formation as well as the specific hardness of the Products
  • Punching – Validation at the puching stage restrains shoddily finished products
  • Raw Material – Base material is tested at lab at the very first stage
  • Shot Ballast – The careful inspection at Shot Ballasting analyzes the final output.
  • Trimming –  Better-finish final products are choosen after the trimming process.

Our Infrastructure Close View:

We have a state-of-the-art infrastructure for manufacturing, quality control, warehousing, and other allied activities. In the last three decades, we have regularly updated our facilities with the latest technologies available in the world market. Hence, we were able to supply the most useful and functional hand tools to our customers. In our manufacturing unit, we use various machines and equipment such as cutting, shaping, finishing, etc. for developing our range of perfect hand tools. We also have a Research and Development wing, which studies the changing trends in the global market and introduces new and innovative products, with a large number of applications for the industrial and the domestic sector.

  • The advanced Tooling capacities is composed an array of CNC Machining Centers, provided with leading-edge technology like Cad/ Cam Software which facilitate and enable to obtain complicated design Solution in order to manufacture Forging and Shearing Dies Stamping Moulds prepared by The EDM (Electric Discharge Machines)
  • The company has archived the Solutions for sophisticated desktops for development, technical support and testing 16 Mbps redundant dedicated leased lines under one roof
  • Access restricted by RFID for physical security
  • 24x7 monitoring through CCTV
  • Modern and congenial work environment
  • Offering 24x7 Network Operations Center (NOC)

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