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Why Us?

Some of the factors that have made us the primal choice of our customers are as follows:

  • Wide range of products
  • 30 years of manufacturing experience
  • Affordable rates
  • Worldwide customers
  • Prompt delivery.

Our Tool Room:

Tool Rooms are most indispensable asset of the forging industry. The tool rooms of Manco Tools is supplied with cutting-edge technology with 2 VMC machine and EDM (Spark Erosion) Machines. Its tool room is the cornerstone for maintaining the consistent production process in the plant. The in-house tool room is designed and developed to fulfill the need of  all Tool and Forging die’s necessitated by the factory for making the Production process operative 24 hours enabling the company for sustaining JIT (Just in Time) inventory which in turn allows the company to keep its manufacturing cost of spanners less and efficient.

Primary shape of the dies is achieved on a row a Shaping Planer for different machining stages. The profile design of the die is developed by Next generation Cad software by Solidworks & Unigraphics.

The contour on the die is machined with the help of Vertical Machining Center (VMC). This is an advanced Computer Numerical Controlled machine for producing premiun-quality precision tools and forging dies.

The EDM (Spark Erosion) and Pantograph machine are installed for establishing the brand on the forging dies which are subtly grinded and matched by Die fitters for better die fitment and excellent product output. Delicate finishing touches are ensured manually.

Once the Forging die goes through the Quality-Control Check, it is sent in inventory of Production tool.  The tool room fabricates the whole broaching tool that is a significant aspect of the manufacturing process. Steel is machined at high apeed in the plant to offer superior-quality broaching tools, thus ensuring the optimal finish and Jaw accuracy for final product.

Why you should trust MANCO® Designed Hand Tools?

  • MANCO has a recognition under which it guarantees for quality work regarding any parameter.
  • It gives you power to enhance your business.
  • MANCO is committed to quality and offers lifetime guarantee on the hand tools.
  • It exhibit both top-quality and value.
  • MANCO incorporates the best practices, finest materials and innovative ideas.
  • It stands for cutting edge hand tools that meet your every need.

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